U-Charters Slide Divers

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U-Charters Slide Divers are a new take on the standard diver design. These fully adjustable trolling sinkers rig with the mainline running through the body of the disc. That means when a fish strikes, the diver runs freely along the line with little to no resistance. Leader length is no longer restricted as the line can be locked in at any point allowing the angler to stretch the offering well behind the diver, which instantly releases at the lightest bite from a fish. As soon as the rod moves, remove it from the rod holder and reel in.


The Small #00 (SD00); 3 1/4 in. - Great for all species of freshwater gamefish, including walleye, lakers, steelhead, and salmon in shallow to mid-range depths.


The Standard #1 (SD1); 3 3/4 in. - Great for all larger species of freshwater gamefish, including walleye, lakers, steelhead, and salmon in mid to deep depths.


The Lite Bite #1 (SD1-LB); 3 3/4 in. - Like the Standard model, the Lite Bite has a mechanism that allows it to be clamped down anywhere on the fishing line. What sets the Lite Bite apart is an extra arm that instantly opens the release mechanism when a fish of any size hits. Properly adjusted, the Lite-Bite can handle everything from the smallest spoons and Walleye spinners to the largest flashers and cut bait set-ups. Lite-Bite model works well in areas where small fish are common catches during trips out for larger species. With the Lite Bite the days of towing perch, small walleye and trout are over.


Each package contains one diver, full rigging instructions, and rigging accessories including a bead, four pieces of vinyl tubing, and a barrel swivel.

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