Spike-It LumaPearl™ Opaque Pearls

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LumaPearl™ is a scented pearlescent spray which provides pearl colors that add dimension and luster to your lures.  These sprays mimic the biological colors of baitfish, insects and other natural foods and explode with beautiful, brilliant color when your lure hits the water.  Designed for soft plastic lures or metal blades, LumaPearl™ delivers effects unlike any other product available. LumaPearl™ is available in a variety of iridescent and opaque colors, all with Spike-It’s Original Garlic scent. 
Upon application on a clear or light-colored lure, the iridescent hues remain transparent while the opaque pearls cover completely.  On a dark lure, both iridescent and opaque colors cover well with similar effects.  The colors are long-lasting but not permanent and are designed to be used “on the water”.  Just spray it on, and your lure is ready to throw in a few seconds.
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