Spike-It Fix-A-Lure Glue

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Specifically designed to work on soft plastic lures, our strong and reliable Fix-A-Lure™ glue will get your lure back together and keep it together! Not only will Spike-It's™ glue have your lure as good as new, Fix-A-Lure™ is soft and flexible and won't stick to your hands, unlike CA glue! Fix-A-Lure™ is also great for designing and customizing your own unique lures. Try gluing a new tail to an existing lure or adding a 3D eye to a plastic minnow. With Fix-A-Lure™ the possibilities are endless! 
Our bottle is conveniently designed with a brush applicator which allows for precise applications to your lure and prevents the glue from drying out. | 0.5 fl. oz.
"Glue That Sticks to the Lure, But Not Your Hands!"
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