Salmo Slick Shad

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The Salmo Slick Shad Swimbait will quickly become one of your favorite soft plastics out there! This soft bait is small and delicately designed, featuring a slender body profile that is perfect for mimicking smaller baitfish! The paddle tail creates a subtle action and vibration, helping to alert nearby fish. The Salmo Slick Shad features unique 3D eyes, which in combination with the vibrations and presentation, will have predators striking! The bait is designed with belly and back slots for a flawless Texas rigging. The Salmo Slick Shad delivers a sleek and accurate presentation that is perfect for triggering strikes from finicky fish!


  • Super soft body with small paddle tail for subtle action
  • Tail swims even at slow speeds
  • Cuts current efficiently
  • 3-D eyes
  • Perfect baitfish sizes
  • Belly and back slots for Texas rigging
  • UV reactive
  • Qty. per Pack: 5`
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Lure Size9cm
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