Rosco Coastlock Snap Swivels

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Whether you’re fighting Blue Marlin in the Gulf of California, trolling for Tuna in the Bahamas, or jigging for Grouper near your favorite wreck, charter captains and recreation sport fisherman continue to rely on and outfit their boats with ROSCO Coastlock Snap Swivels. When the fight is on, you can rest assured that your line won’t twist and if your rigging breaks your ROSCO snap swivel will be intact, we guarantee it!


Size Test Excise Tax Min Qty
6/O-37 450 N 500
4/O-37 350 N 1000
2/O-36 225 N 1000
1-35 150 N 5000
3-34 100 Y 5000
5-34 100 Y 5000
7-33 75 Y 5000
10-32 30 Y 5000
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