GHG Pro-Grade Wood Duck Decoys (1/2 dozen)

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After struggling with the thought of how to make the GHG Pro-Grade Life Size Wood Duck Decoys better, Avery came up with a game plan. Knowing they had to make the best production decoys ever made, there would be little room for error. So they started with photos and video of the species to capture the personality, resting and feeding behavior of each species and then hired world champion carvers Dick Rhode and Rick Johannsen to sculpt the best looking production decoys ever created. Simply put, their anatomy, detail and life like color puts them n a class only the ducks can compete with. 60/40 Dura-Keel which is standard on every GHG floating decoy.


Includes 2 Swivel Head Drakes, 2 Rester Drakes, 1 Active Hen and 1 Rester Hen.

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