Frabill Fat & Sassy Worm Bedding - 5 LBS.

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The Fat & Sassy Worm Bedding is widely used by live-bait wholesalers. This ready-to-use bedding won't mold or sour and everything worms need for healthy living in long-term storage with a built-in food source. It is 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly. No need to add water or food. One pound of bedding supports 3 dozen crawlers or 100 smaller worms. Works with Blood, Clam and Sand Worms. 2.5 Lb. Box. GENERAL WORM CARE INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Add cold non-chlorinated water to bedding. Bedding should be saturated, but no water should stand at bottom of container. Keep moist at all times. 2. Store your crawlers in cool place (45-60 degrees Fahrenheit) and out of the sun. 3. To avoid injuring your crawlers, place into bedding with care. This will help with the longevity of your worms and presentation of your bait. 4. Check worms frequently. Remove any damaged or dead worms. Always keep the cover on when storing. 5. Worm food has already been added to bedding. Frabill recommends that you change the bedding every six weeks. 6. Worm Food can be added to bedding if you're storing worms longer than 4 weeks.
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