Drop the hammer on unsuspecting predators with the FOXPRO® Hammerjack 2 Electronic Game Call System! This enhanced version of the original is portable, lightweight, easy to operate, and it comes equipped with 100 high-quality FOXPRO sounds. You also have access to the FOXPRO Free Sound Library (100+ sounds), and this unit's memory keeps up to 400 sounds at the ready. Equipped with 2 far-reaching speakers: the front horn speaker excels at delivering coyote calls and common distress sounds, and the rear cone speaker accurately recreates lower-frequency sounds, like bear or mountain lion growls. When used together, they combine for ultrarealistic hunting sounds. If you want even more volume, this unit does have 2 jacks for 2 more external speakers (not included). Once the sounds lure in your targeted predator, that's when you'll employ the Fuzzy Wuzzy Topper. This fuzzy motion decoy at the top of the Hammerjack 2 unit, wiggles just like a thrashing, dying rodent, rabbit, or anything that a fox or coyote would love to eat. This excites your prey and brings it in close for a successful shot. This unit also comes equipped with both FOXBANG™ technology and FOXCAST. FOXCAST™ technology allows you to preprogram up to 25 of your favorite electronic sounds in the exact order you want. The remote features an elastomeric keypad that you can manipulate with winter gloves on. It has an easy-to-navigate sound menu, on/off switch, volume up/down buttons, scroll up/down, mute, 2 assignable user buttons, and more. Unit also boasts 1 auxiliary jack, and 1 USB port. Operates for 3-7 hours on 8 AA batteries (not included), or an optional 9V remote battery. Charging Kit not included. The FOXPRO Hammerjack 2 Electronic Game Call System is backed by a manufacturer 3-year limited warranty. Made in USA.

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