Fox Pro Systems Coyote Combo Pack

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The FOXPRO® Predator Mouth-Call Combo gives you all the predator-huntin' tools you need at your disposal! Boasting an easy-to-use regular frame design that beginners and experienced callers will appreciate, the predator calls in this combo let you howl, bark, and growl just like a yote or produce lively rabbit-in-distress sounds to ring their dinner bell. The FOXPRO Predator Mouth-Call Combo includes the Howler mouth call, the Cottontail mouth call, and the Pup Distress mouth call. Made in USA.
Howler – This call uses a gray .0045mm latex reed on top of two .003mm prophylactic reeds. It produces lifelike howls, challenges, barks, and even growls.
Cottontail – This call uses a purple .003mm latex reed on top of a .003mm prophylactic reed. It's tuned to deliver realistic cottontail-rabbit distress sounds.
Pup Distress – This call uses a gray .0045mm V-cut latex reed on top of two .003mm prophylactic reeds with a middle cut on the bottom reed. It excels at coyote pup distress and whine vocalizations.

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