Dokken Greenwing Teal Diver

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The Dokken's Diver simulates a wounded duck trying to escape by diving. The Dokken's Diver will teach your dog how to circle in the water watching for the duck to resurface.

Begin by reeling a short distance underwater, let the Dokken's Diver surface. When your dog locates the Dokken's Diver give a sharp jerk on the rod to release the dummy. As your dog's confidence grows, increase the number of dives and the distance under water. Your dog will love this practice, and we guarantee you will recover more ducks.

FOR BEST RESULTS: Use a medium to stiff fishing rod, a spinning or bait casting reel. Do not use stretch line.

Material: Polyurethan foam
Weight: ca. 220 g
Length: ca. 28 cm + rope
Diameter: ca. 12 cm

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