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Designed to mount on all Clam Fish Trap shelters, as well as most other brands, the Clam Bait Well is the ultimate way to safely store minnows without spilling thanks to a gasket lined screw top lid. It was designed by ice anglers who wanted to solve the problem of storing your bait bucket in a place that's convenient but also out of the way. The Bail Well solves both those problems.
Model # 9024
Leak Proof Bait Well with Sled Mounting Bracket
Handy Bait Well for use in the Ice Shelter
Mounting bracket will work on all Clam Fish Trap shelters and most competitive brands.
Leak-proof .6 gallon bucket great for transporting bait - No more spilled minnow buckets in the back of the vehicle or in the shelter sled
Screw Top with gasket for water-tight seal
Red scooper not included
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