Captain Andy's Fishing Report 09/05/2022

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Captain Andy's Fishing Report 09/05/2022


Hey, there fellow fisherman! 

Captain Andy here with this week’s fishing report! Walleye action is still going pretty steady. A few fish in and out of about 13’ to 15’ of water. Flicker Shads and Flicker Minnows are still doing well. Pull some crawlers if you like that. They’ll bite that every time. Perch action is staying pretty steady. Anywhere from 8’ to 15’, in and out of the weed beds. That’s been good.  

Early goose season is upon us. Deer season is around the corner so stop in and check out one of our fancy deer blinds and keep yourself warm this deer season! Also, 3D course is still open to stop in and check that out. Get warmed up for archery season.  

From Caption Andy and the crew at Frank’s - Good luck and good fishing!