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Wolverine Tackle
As the Suick neared the surface, the water erupted into an enormous geyser. The musky came rocketing out of the water; 47 inches of head-shaking fury with a bad attitude and a mouth full of hooks. She made a powerful run, stripping drag off, and then the line went slack... I reeled frantically expecting to catch up to the fish that was charging the boat, but only the lure floated back. Upon examining the lure, I was shocked at what I saw; one hook missing at the expense of an opened split ring! I sat there for a long time just shaking my head and staring at the lure, thinking "I don't ever want this to happen again"! ​ It was this event back in 1992 that spawned the birth of the worlds strongest split ring, the "Super Ring" by Wolverine Tackle Co. Having 19 years in the metalworking/machining industry, I had all the resources and contacts for extensive research and development. By experimenting with different types of steels, heat-treating processes, and metal finishing, I was able to create a split ring that was much stronger than any available. ​ But that wasn't the end of it- I incorporated a superior 3 coil design that gave it UNBELIEVABLE strength! The "Super Ring" was now all I wanted it to be, a split ring that could be used with total confidence! ​ At Wolverine Tackle Co., our goal is to provide the finest tackle available to the discriminating angler. It makes absolutely no sense for people to spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on fishing equipment only to lose that long awaited trophy by skimping a few pennies on inferior split rings.
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