A cool morning breeze flows across the lake. The air smells crisp and fresh as you near the water. The reeds rustle around as you approach your secret spot. The call hangs around your neck. Your shotgun rests in your hands. Meanwhile, your dog hustles excitedly at your side. You, your dog, your gun - you're here - but where's your gear?

At Franks Great Outdoors, we have you covered with all kinds of waterfowl gear. We are a family owned U.S. based company that’s been selling high-quality, reasonably priced waterfowl gear since 1945.

Whether you’re after mallards, geese, or the elusive whistling ducks, Frank's Great Outdoors equips you with the duck hunting gear you need to have a successful hunt, and enjoy every minute of it.

Cut the quack with our duck hunting gear, with most items priced under $99.99. Take a gander at ourduck hunting accessories. Draw them in with our calls, decoys, and blinds. Muck the duck with our choke tubes. Take the bird with our waders and kayaks.

Our waterfowl gear is designed to support the experienced hunter while accommodating a beginner's ease of use. If you are training a new companion, fetch our waterfowl accessories for dog training. Trick those wary ducks with moving and stationary decoys. Each decoy is customizable, so you can spread them out to mimic the behavior of the species you’re after. Their realistic paint scheme and accurate feather details fool the fool-birds, and draw them in for that close shot.

Frank’s duck hunting accessories include waterfowl calls, which are available for timber ducks, wood ducks, mallards and turkeys. We have choke tubes that attach to your shotgun, so you can customize the spread of your shot, as well as the reach of your trusted gun. Other duck hunting accessories include hunting bags and shotgun cases, so you can keep your duck hunting gearsafe against water and mud. For your four legged friend we have leashes, electronic collars, whistles and dummies. Teach, train and outfit your dog with Frank’s extensive collection of duck hunting accessories.

Check out our stock of duck hunting clothing, which includes early and late season camouflage. We even have scent control clothing so you can eliminate your scent and odor in the field. Be prepared for all sorts of weather conditions by getting the right duck hunting gear.

We know you can't wait to get back on the water. The moments are fleeting; the days are short and this is why Frank's offers fast, affordable shipping - so your equipment arrives in time for the weekend hunt. Shop waterfowl gear on sale now at Frank's Great Outdoors!