Shipping Policy

At Frank’s Great Outdoors we do not hide our shipping costs in the price of the product and call it "free shipping". We give you the lowest price possible providing you the chance to order more for less! Quality Matters at Franks Great Outdoors!

We provide you exact rates for shipping and allow you the freedom to select the carrier!

Business days do not include weekends or holidays, or when UPS or FedEx does not pick up. Please allow sufficient time for your order to arrive. If, for some reason you do not receive your order, we will do our best to provide proof of delivery from the carrier. Once proof of delivery is provided, and you still have not received the order, it is then up to the customer to file a claim with the carrier so that the proper documentation can be filed for replacement purposes.

USPS delivery dates are estimated due to volatility, however are usually reasonable accurate. All orders ordered before 12:00 EST will be shipped same day so you can receive it by selected delivery date. FedEx and UPS are guaranteed by the carrier and if they fail to deliver by that date we will work with you to correct the situation. 

In some cases you may be contacted with an adjusted shipping rate due to unforeseen shipping or handling issues. This will be at our discretion and can be based on multiple factors, such as amount of a certain item ordered or box size. 

If you see a rate that seems unrealistic please contact us and we will troubleshoot if the rate is accurate. 

Accommodations or requests may be made via email @ [email protected] or by phone 989-697-5341, ext. 923.