STAY WARM We all go outside, no matter what the season. We ski, snowboard, hunt, camp, fish, explore. We walk our dogs, commute to work, watch sports, and even party outside on New Year’s. Whatever gets you out there; you want to stay warm. Well you’ve come to the right place! Our gear is made to keep you warm and protected from head to toe. And not just warm enough to grit through it. We mean really warm. Like, surprisingly warm. COMFORT & FOCUS We believe in comfort. We use the latest fabrics, the most advanced technologies, and a remarkably unique R&D process that’s delivered new forms of comfort every year since 1978. We create with a function first approach, keeping in mind relevant style trends. We were the first to bring rechargeable heated gloves to market, and we own 19 patents aimed at making your outdoor experience warm and comfortable. DOING THE RIGHT THING We believe in continually improving our processes to be more sustainable for the sake of the environment. Through our adoption of solar power at our office and warehouse, a move to biodegradable materials over plastic bags, and more we have greatly reduced our carbon and waste footprints. As a family business we know we’re all in this together, so we take care for not only the environment, but our employees, our partners, our suppliers, and of course our customers as well. Our Outreach page shows some of the amazing institutions we are proud to collaborate with in this industry, all of whom are working tirelessly to preserve and bring the joy of the outdoors to everybody. WHERE WE STARTED Our skills at innovating comfort started back in the late 1970s. Co-founders Mike Carey and Joe Edwards, both avid skiers, each brought to market a new product that improved the skiing experience. After joining innovations, Seirus thrived by creating a unique R&D culture where anyone at the company can critique, test, and design products in an ongoing cycle of invention and reinvention. Pulling from as many individual outdoor experiences as possible. This leads to great products that continue to get better and better.
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