The words, ‘quality control’ take on new meaning when lives depend on them. Meprolight® was founded in 1990 as the primary red dot sight, sighting system, and battle optic supplier to the Israel Defense Force (IDF). In Israel, every citizen is required to serve in the IDF and every Meprolight® employee brings that first-hand battlefield knowledge to the job. Ever since declaring independence in 1948, Israel has been surrounded by enemies who continuously launched surprise attacks year after year. Yet, they always prevailed because they were always ready. Meprolight® products include conventional sights, night sights, reflex optics, and thermal sights – all built with the tightest tolerances and QC protocols in the industry. With less than 1% defects in 24-hour sights and electro-optics. Each Meprolight® employee understands what it means to protect those you love. Our sons and daughters in the IDF trust their lives to the products we make every day. And you can too.
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