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The Jackall Rhythm Wag might provide that perfect soft bait motion everyone wants. The Jackall Wag is a rhythmic soft stick bait, featuring a split-tail design for a dynamic swimming action that also emits fish-attracting vibrations. A dense "high gravity" material fills the lower half which makes it easier to maintain a lower center of gravity that contributes to stable action. The density also encourages an attractive shake and shimmy action during the fall. The Rhythm Wag compact material helps you make long casts even without weights.


While a shimmy and vibrating swimming action are important, there's more to the stick bait's design. You can fish the versatile Rhythm Wag on weightless rigs, drop shots, jig head rigs, Texas rigs, and Carolina rigs. The soft plastic, available in 3.5 and 4.5 inches long sizes, carries a hook slot on its top side to help hide the hook. (The slit also helps the bait run true and straight.) If you like to employ a backslide technique, the Wag's hole at the back end allows for easy rigging so you can glide the bait backward under cover – more realism when targeting trophy bass! With its forked tail, shimmy, enticing vibrations, density, and versatility to be fished in multiple fashions, the all-around Jackall Rythm Wag could be your destiny.


  • Versatile soft plastic stick bait for multiple rigging methods
  • Two-layer construction process; denser "high gravity" material in lower portion aids casting distance and shimmy action on the fall
  • Split-tail design emits fish-attracting vibrations
  • Dynamic swimming action
  • Hook slit on top to help hide the hook and ensure the bait is straight
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