River's Edge The Lockdown 21' Wide Ladder Stand

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The Lockdown™ 21’ Wide features an extra-wide flip-up, TearTuff™ mesh seat providing all day comfort and the ability to stand while shooting. In addition, this stand features the Ultimate Shooting Rail™ that can be adjusted for both height and length based on your personal preference and weapon choice. This unique design also allows you to tuck the shooting rail away into a designated slot on the platform, perfect for bowhunting. At 21’ tall the Lockdown™ 21’ Wide ladder stand features added height bowhunters prefer. No longer will you have to trade security for height with our line of Lockdown™ ladder stands. You can ratchet the platform tight to the tree before ever leaving the ground, with our patent pending Ground-Level Ratcheting™ technology. This clever system allows the user to pull the platform straps up to the top of the stand while standing on the ground and ratchet them tight to the tree. This ladder stand is a must for its towering height and superior comfort.


Height to Shooting Rail 20'6"
Height to Seat 19'7"
Seat Dimensions (W x D) 24" x 16"
Seat Height 19.5"
Height to Platform  18'
Platform Size (W x D) 25" x 32.5"
Ladder Stance 17"
Ladder Sections 5 (44" each)
Step Distance 13.5"
Weight 112 lb.
Capacity 300 lb.
Tree Diameter Range 12" - 30" 
Full Body Harness Yes (1)
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BrandRiver's Edge Treestands
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