Howard Leight

Howard Leight
Every environment offers its own set of challenges. Our goal is to help people navigate just about anywhere and everywhere, and more safely enjoy the activities they love, from time on the range and out on the hunt, to tactical operations, to sporting events, firework displays, and concerts. With a tried-and-true, expertly crafted collection of hearing conservation solutions, our mission will forever be the prevention of hearing loss. It’s safety, without compromise. It’s the gold standard of hearing protection. 50 YEARS OF INNOVATION, RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT IN HEARING PROTECTION ON OUR SIDE. Founded in 1972 by our namesake, entrepreneurial force of nature Howard Leight, we’ve been making history for as long as we can remember, from the invention of banded hearing in the 1970s, to the foam earplugs in the 1980s, to the quick-connecting, Bluetooth-enhanced earmuffs of today. Powerful hearing protection that safeguards your future, without compromising your here and now. Howard Leight. Because sound is spectacular.
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