Gibbs Fishing

Gibbs Fishing
In 1908, when Rufus Gibbs started his fishing tackle company, we wonder if he ever dreamt it would become Canada’s largest and oldest sport fishing tackle brand. Or, dreamt it would survive well into a new century. Well, that’s exactly what Gibbs Fishing turned out to be. There have been some mergers and acquisitions along the way all of which have rich histories in their own right. Honouring those family-run businesses and their storied and humble beginnings is one of the key tenets of modern day Gibbs Fishing (we call it “honouring tradition”). The same passion fuels our day-to-day: the sense of natural escape and connections to what is meaningful. We also relentlessly pursue innovative, high quality sport fishing tackle that works out there. Sure, everyone says that but try and find a tackle box that doesn’t have a Gibbs Fishing lure in it. Or, just ask your grandfather - do these things work?
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