Frost Buddy

Frost Buddy
Brock and Mitch are brothers from a tiny farm town called Newton, Illinois. Both brothers pole vaulted for the Big Ten schools: Brock for Indiana University, and Mitch for University of Illinois. In 2020, as they were drinking from a slim can cooler and switched to a normal can, the “light bulb” moment hit - Why are people buying 3 or 4 can coolers from major brands when we could create a Universal? Through digital marketing and creative product design, the brothers have attracted millions of followers, likes, and views, making their products a viral sensation, especially on Tik Tok. Frost Buddy became the #3 Thermocooler on Amazon within 4 months of being on the marketplace. Brock and Mitch are headed towards growing one of the largest drinkware & lifestyle brands in the world. As Frost Buddy grows, Brock and Mitch will always stay true to how they were raised, which is on Faith, Family, and now…Frost Buddy!
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