Nikwax Base Fresh 300ml

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Nikwax Base Fresh Detergent 300ml

Deodorizing care product for functional underwear and moisture-wicking clothing worn directly against the skin.

  • Why functional base layer fabrics are quick drying and cooling:

Base layers are designed to be worn directly against the skin and provide user comfort by maintaining body temperature and regulating moisture. The fabrics used have high moisture transport (moisture is distributed over a large area), are quick drying and breathable. Therefore, it is necessary to maintain these properties when caring for base layers.

  • Base layers must be properly cared for to keep them in top shape:

To maintain the function of base layers, they must be treated with care when washed. Using conventional household detergents or fabric softeners can damage moisture wicking properties because the fabric retains moisture. This results in reduced moisture wicking properties and slower drying of the fabric. Over time, bacteria and body oils build up, especially in synthetic base layers, which then begin to smell. When using conventional detergents or fabric softeners, odors are not adequately removed. Instead, they are just overlaid with fragrance and quickly leave you with smelly base layers!

How Nikwax BaseFresh® stops odor and keeps you cool

  • Nikwax BaseFresh® Refreshes your base layers by deodorizing them and maintains freshness when in use, by preventing odor buildup.
  • Nikwax BaseFresh® Reinforces and revitalizes the moisture-wicking properties of base layers and everyday clothing, increasing breathability. This allows the fabric to disperse sweat, dry quickly and keep you comfortable in all conditions.
  • Fabrics treated with Nikwax BaseFresh® are more resistant to stains and daily soiling. Occurring stains on fabrics treated with Nikwax BaseFresh® are easier to remove.
  • Thanks to Nikwax BaseFresh® base layers do not need to be washed separately, but can be washed in the normal laundry and with conventional detergents.
  • Nikwax BaseFresh® allows the use of aggressive detergents and cleaners to remove stubborn stains, such as chain oil, without affecting the performance of base layers.
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