Fiskas Super Stomic Glow Charger

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The new SUPER Atomic UV Glow Charger will charge all glow lures, but is especially able to charge the new Little Atom Atomic Glow plastics tails and any other glow lures or plastics that require UV light source for optimal charging. The SUPER Atomic Glow Charger uses three AAA batteries, alkaline or re-chargeable batteries are recommended. The Super Atomic Glow Charger employs LED technology, it contains 21 LED's which emit a massive barrage of UV purple light as compared to the typical key-chain toys on the market. These keychain lights lack the ability to re-charge glow lures in an optimal fashion, so we had the Super Atomic Glow Charger manufactured to our exact specifications. The Super Atomic Glow Charger is made from anodized aluminum alloy metal and comes with three AAA batteries, an on/off switch, and a one-year warranty against defects not caused by misuse.
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