Open Country Tumble Drumm Automatic Fish Scaler

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For the Fisherman who is tired of scaling fish by hand after a good day of fishing and for the person who is tired of cleaning scales off the walls, floors and clothes. The Tumble Drumm Fish Scaler is an investment that will make that unpleasant chore of scaling fish, easy and clean. This automatic fish scaler is very portable, easy to operate and will super clean your fish indoors or out with absolutely no mess.

  • Large capacity stainless steel drum with geared electronic motor can scale up to 50 pan fish at 1 time
  • Easy to operate place fish inside drum, add water, turn on tumbler
  • Tumbling action gently removes scales leaving fish clean and undamaged
  • Built for hot or cold climates
  • Sturdy polypropylene tub resists odors and mildew
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