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We began building and field testing our Crystal Harnesses in 2013. During field testing we discovered the glass crystal harnesses out produced any plastic bead combination we put them up against. Even in high sun/flat water conditions when the fish shut down on the standard meat rig, the glass crystal harness kept producing due to the flash of the crystals. The problem we encountered was the crystal beads would destroy the finish on the inside of the blades.  The evolution of our custom harnesses continues with our custom powder coated blades which allows them to stand up to the abrasive glass crystals. Our 2019 series is an extensive line up of premium high gloss finished Colorado blades. Numerous combinations also include reverse inside color blade tipping for additional color contrast. The combination of the high gloss contrasting blade finishes, against the light reflection of the crystals is a big reason for our continued success. Reel Rumors primarily runs #4 blades on Saginaw Bay, however we have added additional sizes in both #3’s and # 5’s due to customer request. 

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