Berkley Finesse Jig

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A Berkley Finesse Jig dances enticingly subtle for a smaller presentation, featuring all the right things in all the right places! An irresistible PowerBait flavored skirt tops off the Berkley finesse jig, but it is not all that helps the high-quality jig that simply puts more fish in the boat. Designed with one of the early pioneers of the flipping technique, Gary Klein, this flipping jig shows its carefully crafted details even to the light wire Fusion19 hook. The smaller Arkie-style head and light weedguard brush aside vegetation as the detached talon-style bait keeper locks your baits securely. The jig's horizontal line tie sits at a 40 degree recessed angle. The Berkley Finesse Jig is ideal if you desire a downsized, understated presentation for bass fishing.

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