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The worldwide leader in baits for over 75 years thanks to our world-famous “Balls O’ Fire” salmon eggs, Pacific Northwest favorite Pautzke Bait Co. now continues the family tradition of providing the finest baits and attractants to trout, salmon and steelhead anglers around the world with a recipe that’s been in the Pautzke family vault for three generations: Fire Brine™.

A proprietary mix of Dad Pautzke’s most tried-and-true curing agents and vibrant dyes, Fire Brine™ provides the toughening, coloring and scent agents that are the key elements of a brine, all in a simple one-step, out-of-the-bottle mix that makes it easier than ever for anglers to achieve the perfect baits, whether they’re advanced or raw beginners.

Fishing as we do throughout the famed salmon and steelhead ground of the West Coast and Great Lakes, we’re well aware of the effectiveness of brined herring, anchovies, alewives and shrimp baits for salmon and steelhead, and Fire Brine™ is the perfect one-step preparation for both fresh and frozen baits. There’s no mixing required: Simply follow Team Pautzke’s instructions and you’ll be fishing the best brined baits you’ve ever prepared in no time.

Fire Brine™ is available in seven colors (blue, natural, red, chartreuse, orange, purple, & NEW green) to provide maximum flexibility in your bait choices.


What you need:

Fire Brine color of your choice
1 Gallon Ziploc or Tupperware
Frozen/fresh cut bait.

Fire Brine works on all cut baits.


Step-By-Step Instructions

Step 1: Remove cut bait from bait trays and place in Ziploc or Tupperware.

Step 2: Pour enough Fire Brine in bag/container to submerge cut bait.

Step 3: Store in a cool place for 6-12 hours.

Cut bait can be fished immediately or frozen for later use.
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