Darton Archery

Darton Archery
DARTON IS ONE OF THE FEW ARCHERY COMPANIES TODAY THAT CAN SAY THEY HAVE BEEN IN THE ARCHERY BUSINESS FOR OVER 70 YEARS. A very humble beginning in 1950, in a simpler time, Darton Archery started making leather archery accessories. Darton expanded its growth through its early years making traditional recurve bows. With the introduction of the compound bow, Darton Archery and Rex Darlington became one of the few companies to produce the new bow; a bow with wheels on each end which would become the blueprint for the modern compound bow used today. Fast forward to today, Darton has become the world's leader in archery technology and innovation, and manufacturer of compound bows. Darton is still a humble family-owned company with one motivation: pushing the limits of its engineering to produce the best performing archery equipment. Darton continually improves its line of bows, holding onto its proven design basics while applying new innovations to an outstanding lineup of compound bows and crossbows for target and 3D competition, and for our primary obsession, hunting! Our bows are designed for men, women, and the youth market. Now a few words from the president, head engineer, and holder of numerous archery patents used today by Darton and others in the industry, Rex Darlington. "Darton will be celebrating its 70th Anniversary in 2020. I would personally like to thank all Darton employees who have contributed to our success. I am grateful to the dealers who have taken in our products and have shown us loyalty when there are so many other products in the marketplace. They had faith in our quality and top-performing equipment. We appreciate the patronage of each and every archer that has picked up a Darton bow and created a memory. And it’s you, the consumer, that has made Darton their choice that made 70 years happen. I thank you all.”
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