Megabass Okashira Screwhead 3/0

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The OKASHIRA SCREWHEAD adds our exclusive ASYMMETRICAL PROP to the OKASHIRA’s exquisite design, adding flash and subtle vibration. With one blade larger than the other and finely-tuned bend angles, the offset design generates a unique ‘pulsing’ presence to draw in fish from distance. Utilize the SCREWHEAD to supercharge your umbrella rig or jig head presentation today.

The hand-carved design showcases meticulous, lifelike detail that not only draws in wary fish—it perfects action. Featuring catamaran-inspired WATER THROUGH LANES to channel water under the chin and around the softbait body, OKASHIRA SCREW HEAD displays uncanny horizontal stability. This contributes to improved range-keeping and allows paddletail and grub trailers to truly shine in even the toughest conditions.

  • Hydrodynamic form for stability and a touch of roll
  • Asymmetrical Prop (PAT.P) generates flash and vibration
  • BKK® Super Slide hooks for superior penetration
  • Hand-tied worm keeper secures bait like a pro
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PatternSpawn Kill
Lure Size1/8 oz.
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