Bearing Buddy

Bearing Buddy
he company began in Saugus, California in 1963 under the name of Aquappliances, Inc. The original owners were Bill Kampf and Denny Law. While working for Marquardt, a defense contractor in the Los Angeles area, Denny traveled between Los Angeles and Las Vegas many times. While on these trips, Denny discovered that he frequently saw boat trailers broken down on the side of the road with bearing failure. Denny and Bill soon realized there was a need for a bearing protector for boat trailers and as a result Bearing Buddy was created. It took four years of hard work and sacrifice to get the product into the marketplace and build sales to the point where the company could survive. At one particularly difficult time in the early going, Bill and Denny decided to draw straws with the loser having to keep the company. But before this could happen, they received their first large order and were finally on their way. In 1967, the business moved to San Marcos, California. By 1970, Aquappliances, Inc. began manufacturing its own line of axle assemblies to sell to trailer manufacturers. In 1974, Denny and Bill acquired some land in Puerto Rico and began construction on a new building, which would become the new manufacturing facility for Bearing Buddy. It became known as Bearing Buddy, Inc. By April of 1975, Bearing Buddys were produced in Patillas, Puerto Rico and Aquappliances, Inc. became the sole distributor of the Bearing Buddy product line. In 1980, Bill retired, but Denny and his wife Corkie continued to own the company until November of 2004, when it was sold to Carmen Rivas and Dan Jenkins. Carmen began working for Bearing Buddy in 1975 and has been President of the company since 1998. Dan had worked for Aquappliances, Inc. for 23 years, beginning in 1973. Both Carmen and Dan share the same desire to continue the great Bearing Buddy tradition. Together, they will ensure that Bearing Buddy continues to be the best and most sought after trailer bearing protector in the world.
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