It starts with an idea, and a dream. On December 21, 1976, Gary Yamamoto moved his family to Page, Arizona and purchased a campground. In 1983, Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits was formed. If you know Gary Yamamoto like we do, you know his insatiable love for the sport of fishing is matched only by his obsession with producing the highest quality soft-plastic fishing lures on the market today. Every bait is inspected by hand. What doesn’t pass inspection is recycled and re-used. Every year, 2.5 million baits are shipped world-wide. We want to thank our customers for thinking so highly of our product and we wish you great success at the sport of fishing. Whenever you go fishing for fun with family and friends, whenever you’re in stiff competition, you honor us for making Gary Yamamoto Custom Baits a key part of your fishing trips and memories. Thanks for doing that.
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