Wildgame Innovations Feeder Intensi-Fire

Wildgame Innovations Feeder Intensi-Fire
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FEATURES: Feeder Intensi-Fire is an ultra-concentrated, nutritional deer supplement pellet that is extremely rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Due to its unique pellet size, Feeder Intensi-Fire can be poured directly into all spin-cast feeders, trough feeders, free-choice gravity feeders as well as poured on the ground and mixed with corn. Mix Feeder Intensi-Fire with your favorite deer food source such as corn, peas, soybeans and even alfalfa/protein pellets to give your trophy deer that added boost of nutrition and energy. The Flavor Flow technology actually saturates any deer food source within your feeder with the aroma of Fresh Apples, enticing your deer with a blast of delicious flavoring that is too irresistible for whitetail deer to turn down. Packed with various high-protein grains, vitamins A, E, D3, B12 and numerous essential minerals, Feeder Intensi-Fire reaches levels of 16% crude protein, 10% crude fat and 15% fiber creating a very palatable yet easily digestible high-energy deer supplement filled with enticing flavor and fresh apple aroma deer cant resist. Simply put, Feeder Intensi-Fire attracts deer to your area while furnishing the nutritional diet that Mother Nature cant provide.