WASPcam 9900

WASPcam 9900
Manufacturer: WASPcam

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Prove to your friends and family how far you'll go to capture the coolest shot with a 9900 edition WASPcam Action Sports Camera! Packed inside a tiny WASPcam hides the latest technologies, allowing users to efficiently film, edit and share their biggest moments or most interesting perspectives.

This model delivers High-Definition (HD) quality video in choice of 1080p30, 960p30 or 720p60. All three modes are available in ‘Ultra Wide' and ‘Wide' Field of View (FOV).

Mixing still-images into your production is quick and easy and brings a unique element to your final cut. With a WASPcam, you can snap a single image, experiment with time-lapses (1, 3, 5, 10, 30, and 60 seconds) or catch the entire action with a quick-snapping photo burst (10 photos per second). Get more for less with WASPcam!


Captures HD video at 1080p30, 960p30 and 720p60
5-Megapixel photo quality
WiFi built-in for syncing with iOS and Android devices
Compatible with all WASPcam and GoPro mounting systems
Waterproof down to 196 feet (when installed in camera casing)
Connects with RF-wireless wrist remote up to 15 feet away

WASPcam action sports camera
Wireless Wrist Remote* (Only available with 9900 camera package)
Waterproof Camera Casing
Waterproof Camera Casing Backdoor
Vented Camera Casing Backdoor
Swivel T-tip
Curved Adhesive Mount
Flat Adhesive Mount
Lens Cap
Velcro Strap
Anti-Fog inserts (6 pcs)
Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery
USB charging cable
Wall Charger