Walker Ultra Ear (BTE) 2 pk NXT Camo

Walker Ultra Ear (BTE) 2 pk NXT Camo
Manufacturer: Walker

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Walker's Game Ear is a lightweight amplification system that enhances your hearing ability. The Walker's UltraEar BTE Camo design is ideal whether you use it for hunting or other recreational outdoor activities. Simply fit the UltraEar Hearing Aid for hunting behind either ear, and then you are ready to hear the animals around you. It has an easy on/off switch with a camo finish so you can adjust it without calling any attention to yourself. The mild compression circuit makes it quiet when you are out on a hunt. The kit includes two units, two sound tubes six tulip tips, three batteries and cleaning tools to keep it in good condition. Get in a good hunt when you can hear all the animals with Walker's Game Ear hearing pieces.