The VMC® Flat Shad Jig Heads feature realistic head designs complete with 3D eyes and a hollow back that allows baits to fit snug to the head for a more natural presentation. Premium1x strong needle point hooks, complete with a forged shank, high-carbon steel construction and traditional round bend deliver excellent hooking capabilities. The VMC® Flat Shad Jig Heads are ideal for rigging a variety of swimbaits.

  • HOOK - 1X Strong Needle Point
  • Forged Shank
  • Hi Carbon Steel
  • Premium Black Nickel Finish
  • JIG - Hollow Back Allows Bait to Fit Snug for More Natural Presentation
  • 3D Eye
Model Weight Hook Size Pak
FSJ18 1/8 oz. 4/0 4
FSJ14 1/4 oz. 4/0 4
FSJ38 3/8 oz. 5/0 4
FSJ12 1/2 oz. 5/0 4
FSJ34 3/4 oz. 6/0 3
FSJ1 1 oz. 7/0 3
More Information
Lure Size3/8 oz.
Lure Weight1/8 oz.
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