Vexilar UC-100 Ultra Case

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Vexilar UC-100 Ultra Case
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The Ultra Case is what's used in the Vexilar Ultra Pack. It includes feature after feature to help make your FL-8 or FL-18 easier to use and more productive. Features: Enclosed battery compartment fits standard size sealed lead-acid and gel cell batteries. External charging/accessory posts for recharging or running add-on accessories. Battery Status Indicator to monitor the charge of the battery. Master ON/OFF switch controls all of the power. Adjustable rod holder fits in four locations. Super strong handle with Ice-Ducer float holder. High profile for easy access to controls and better visibility. Pre-drilled holes for optional accessories. Cable storage area and grips to keep extra cable under control. Includes Vexilar tackle box that fits snugly into its own slot. Transducer holder fits all sizes of Vexilar transducers. Ice-Ducer support eye-bolt for an alternative to using the float. Non-slip bottom stays in place on the ice. Fits all FL-8s and the FL-18. Easy assembly.