Vexilar was also very popular in the sport fishing paper graphs. In the late sixties and early seventies we had some of the best units on the market, including the models 155 and 555. Many of these are still in use today. And we still provide paper, parts, and service for them.

In conjunction with the FL-8SLT, Vexilar introduced a revolutionary ice fishing transducer. The Ice-Ducer was specially designed for the sport to free the angler from the clumsy adjustable arm mechanisms so common of the day. The Ice-Ducer worked off a simple plumb-bob effect to maintain a near perfect vertical position (required to "see" ones bait while fishing) all the time. However, achieving this design was more difficult than one might think. The challenges of cold weather performance and durability were difficult to overcome. But the Ice-Ducer forever changed the way ice fishing transducers were constructed and have been standard equipment ever since.

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