• 12V LFP LiFePO4 batteries with 2,000 cycles at 100% DoD (up to 10x lead-acid batteries)
• 12Ah at C/5 to C/100 | Group Size: Small
• Lightweight construction, considerably lighter than comparable SLA or VRLA batteries of the same size
• Higher capacity than comparable SLA or VRLA batteries
• Drop-in replacement for sealed lead-acid batteries and can use the same charger in most cases
• Includes BMS with Low Voltage and High Current disconnects
• Temperature limits: charges from 0C to 45C and discharges from -20C to 60C.
• Terminals: Faston Tabs
• Sealed LiFePO4 construction with ABS case and cover
• Low self-discharge rate. Retain 97% capacity after first 3 months. 85% capacity after first year.

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