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Durable, reliable, made for any marine activity. The Atlantis 250 BK Marine Radio is a waterproof, portable two-way handheld radio. It is compact and lightweight to fit easily in the palm of your hand. The Atlantis 250 BK VHF Marine Radio comes equipped with 1 watt/5 watts, Memory Channel Scan and a Backlit Keypad and Display. Features: AC & DC Adapters - Allows you to charge the Atlantis at home or on the go. Waterproof - Meets all JIS4/CFR46 waterproofing standards. NiMH & Alkaline Battery Capability - This package includes a NiMH battery pack plus an Alkaline battery tray, so you can conveniently choose between a NiMH battery or 6 (six) AA Alkaline batteries as a power source.
  • (Six AA Alkaline batteries not included.) N.O.A.A. Weather Alert - During a N.O.A.A. Weather Alert, the Atlantis BK will alert you to severe conditions. All USA, Canadian & International Marine Channels - Covering all USA, Canadian and International marine channels to keep you up-to-date with the latest marine activity. Full Backlit LCD & Keypad - A full backlit LCD and keypad provides maximum clarity and resolution from virtually any viewing angle or lighting condition. 1 Watt/5 Watt Transmit Power - Allows for transmissions at 1 Watt to extend battery life or a full 5 Watts for maximum power transmissions. Instant Channel 16 and 9 - Instantly access Channel 16 and 9 for emergencies without scanning through other programmed channels. Triple Watch Plus - Monitor Channel Scan - Allows you to save in memory the channels most frequently used. You can then scan through those channels with the push of a button. Speaker/Mic - Connecting the optional speaker/microphone to the jack on the radio allows for convenient push to talk operation. Full 3 Year Waterproof Protection Warranty - Provides the highest quality standard in marine radios. Uniden's marine radios represent over 30 years in personal communications and a firm commitment to provide you with the very best.