ThermaCell Heat Packs

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ThermaCell Heat Packs
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Designed to fit inside gloves and small pockets. Includes two Hand Warmers (2.9” x 1.6” x .45” each), a USB wall charger, and two USB cords.Lightweight and rechargeable, Heat Packs offer a dependable alternative to disposable, air-activated hand warmer packets. With three adjustable settings, Heat Packs ensure consistent, reliable warmth at the touch of a button! The back of the Heat Pack is lined with a soft, durable phase-changing material (PCM) that has unique temperature-regulating properties to evenly distribute heat. Heat Packs are powered by an internal Lithium-Ion Polymer battery that fully charges in 4 hours and lasts for over 500 charging cycles. Each battery charge offers up to 6 hours of power.