System Tackle Rattlin Flyer 3/16oz. Purple Smelt 3/16OZ.

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Lindy Rattl' n Flyer Spoon. For an ice fishing spoon prompts hard strikes from walleye, crappie and other gamefish, look no farther than the Rattl'n Flyer Spoon. Techni-Glo color patterns that glow like a lightbulb, a red treble for that flash of blood and an innovative design using a non-lead alloy and wings that add super glide make this ice fishing spoon one special hard water package. It dances, darts and glides outside the hole but doesn't spin on the drop, meaning there's no need to use a swivel. An internal rattle adds even more attraction.
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BrandSystem Tackle
PatternPurple Smelt
Size3/16 oz.
Lure Size3/16 oz.
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