Spenco Adventure Series Hiker Insoles

Spenco Adventure Series Hiker Insoles
Manufacturer: Spenco

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The Spenco Day Hiker Insoles are specially designed for light hiking and trail walking. The Day Hiker Footbed features Reverse Morton's extension platform to provide softer support under the big toe and harder material under the remaining toes to create a toe off platform for better propulsion.
The forefoot comfort zone provides extra cushioning with re-formulated next generation Spenco material and natural flex grooves-assist forefoot flexing.
The OS Stabilizer assists in providing proper foot support and stability.
The Cool Dry Top Cloth helps wick moisture to keep feet dry and reduce hot spots and blisters.
The Day Hiker features the PolySorbShox system with anti-roll technology ensures comfort with top cushion absorb shock and control over-pronation.
Deep heel cupping stabilizes the heel for proper rear-foot control and utilizes natural cushioning by controlling fat pad expansion.