Scent-Lok Women's Wild Heart Full Season Jacket

Scent-Lok Women's Wild Heart Full Season Jacket
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Traditionally, the sport of hunting was dominated by the boys. However, emerging lady hunting experts like Kandi Kisky, Haley Heath and Bonnie McFerrin, the sport is quickly becoming a favored pastime of women. Scent-Lok has developed Wild Heart specifically for women so they can continue to show everyone the boys aren't the only ones that can fill the freezer.

Scent-Lok's product development team created Wild Heart from the ground up with women in mind. They've cut these garments to complement a woman's shape and combined it with their revolutionary odor-adsorbing technology Carbon Alloy to give women the edge and see more deer.

Tapered collar reduces neck abrasion
Zippered chest pocket for storage
Tricot outer shell for weather resistance and warmth
Tapered arm with zippered sleeve openings
Extended torso for extra comfort and warmth