Scent Blocker Bone Collector S3 Bamboo Pant

Scent Blocker Bone Collector S3 Bamboo Pant
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Never satisfied with the status quo, we set out to design the ultimate first layer. Our S3 Bamboo out performs traditional cotton on every level. Instead of a heavy sweat soaked shirt weighing more than the game you are after we've created an ultra lightweight technical fabric with unbelieveable next to skin feel. Our Micro-Wick Technology delivers a unique moisture wicking element to disperse moisture away from the skin to keep you dry all day long. S3 antimicrobial technology combined with the natural properties of bamboo keeps your shirt smelling fresh longer. ScentBlocker's S3 Camo Bamboo Base Layer Collection gives you the competitive edge for any game. The benefits of Bamboo clothing are nearly limitless, being an excellent organic choice it is a much better selection than cotton. It is grown without the use of chemicals or pesticides. Apparel derived from bamboo are very quick to absorb moisture, keeping you dry. Apparel derived from bamboo dry up to twice as fast as cotton clothes, and their texture resembles that of silk.