Scent Blocker Alpha Pro Fleece Jacket

Scent Blocker Alpha Pro Fleece Jacket
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Trinity Technology: For over 10 years Robinson Outdoor products has worked to develop Trinity Technology, the new pinnacle in human scent control. Independent laboratory testing results show that Trinity technology is game changing- so thin and light, yet it adsorbs up to 40% more odor than activated carbon and up to 200% more than zeolite. Trinity Technology is designed around a cutting edge synthetic polymer that was specifically created to adsorb human odor. With a huge surface area and more adsorptive kinetics, Trinity Technology will surpass the old industry standard of carbon and set the bar at a whole new level. With clothing, liquids, detergent and spray; Trinity will have a product available for everyone's budget and needs. Simply put- this technology is amazing and available nowhere else.

BodyLock Technology: Strategically prevents easy escape of odor, and forces it through the scent adsorbing filter at key exit points of your body - wrist, neck, waist, leg cuffs - to allow maximum adsorption by the ScentBlocker scent control technology.

Durable Water Repellency: The outer fabric is treated with a water repellant hydrophobic coating which forces water to bead up and roll off the surface of the fabric. It extends the saturation point of the fabric and allows you to stay comfortable and in the field longer.

WindBlocker Technology: A high performance laminate system that blocks the wind, while allowing moisture and perspiration to escape from the inside leaving you warm and comfortable.

100% Polyester Soft Micro fleece
Innovative safety harness slit in back for easy attachment and concealment
Rear grommeted license loop
Removable Visor hood with crown and side adjustments
Sturdy Vislon zipper is offset at the front for comfort
Tapered neck design engineered to reduce bulk at the front of the neck and be more comfortable at the chin area
Quick Cinch fit system at chest
Gearpendent Technology on the chest is designed to accommodate rangefinders
Grunt tubes
Small binoculars
Wind checkers within easy reach
Stretch cord with carabineer provides access to essential gear with little movement
Non-slip grip patches on shoulders for carrying backpack or bow/gun sling
Two slanted zippered lower chest pockets
Two lower zippered pockets
Quiet hook and loop at sleeve opening
Adjustable/removable armguard to fit RH or LH
System Layer 3