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Rinehart Targets
As a family-owned and operated company, we are thankful for the support and friendships that continue to grow over the years. We are looking forward to moving forward with even more innovative products, shooting thrills, and arrow stopping value. As our family grows, so does our commitment to providing premium quality American made products. The concept behind Rinehart Target’s industry-leading, solid self-healing foam began in 1997 when John Rinehart, the company’s founder, began using conventional archery targets. Disappointed in the durability and performance of what was available on the market, John looked elsewhere for something better. He began working with foam and came up with the compound that would become Rinehart’s trademarked solid self-healing foam. In 1999, John founded Rinehart Targets and went on to create the first patented locking inserts for Rinehart’s 3D targets, extending the life and enjoyment of the company’s popular designs. The first targets, the iconic Velociraptor, was quickly followed by a myriad of other incredibly life-like and unique designed targets. The target line continues to expand to this day with new and unique targets – from the trophy 30 Point Buck and Hogzilla targets to the fun Mosquito and Frog targets. In 2003 the Rinehart R-100 Archery Tournament was born out of a desire to introduce children to archery and provide fun for the whole family. These events give hunting clubs and other groups the chance to test their skills on 3D targets ranging from skunks to life-size giraffes and elephants. Another milestone in the company’s history was in 2005 when John stepped down, turning the reins of his industry-leading company over to his daughter Barbara (Rinehart) McGovern and her husband, James McGovern. Rinehart Targets went on to launch its first-ever Dealer Program which highlighted the archery industry’s only target with a full year guarantee – the 18-1. In 2013 Rinehart Targets expanded its retail target line to include our first bag target, the Rhino Bag. The start of 2016 saw the introduction of the new Doloma Decoy line to Rinehart Target’s already diverse line-up of products. The company continues to be more successful than ever and remains committed to developing the highest quality and most innovative products on the market. Rinehart’s exclusive solid, self-healing foam targets can take hit after hit after hit without tearing or other damage. Whether you’re shooting fieldpoints, broadheads or even expandables, Rinehart lets you take your best shot every time without loss of target integrity or risk of shoot-throughs. Solid Rinehart self-healing foam quickly stops even the fastest incoming carbon, aluminum or wood arrows. Pulling arrows should not be so strenuous – and with Rinehart, it has never been easier! No lubricant! No gimmicks! No pullers needed! Within 10 seconds arrow holes “heal” themselves. Complete target integrity is restored when arrow is quickly and easily removed.
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