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RBM Jigs
RBM Jigs was founded in 2016 in Grand Rapids, Michigan. We are a small business owned and operated by avid outdoorsmen. After several years of painting jigs for ourselves and close friends we decided to take jig production to the next level. We began by selling custom painted Steelhead jigs. Our goal was to paint any and every color or design an angler could imagine. While painting almost exclusively custom orders, we began to create and test some color schemes of our own. Through requests from customers and many of our own ideas, we generated a picklist of our top 20 different color patterns that tantalize steelhead statewide. Our goal was, and still is: to offer a vast selection of unique color schemes that catch the eyes of the angler and the fish! We have worked through multiple hook brands and molds to bring all types of fishermen the best product we are capable of producing. After establishing a line of Steelhead jigs, we decided to dabble in tungsten panfish jigs. Since taking on this endeavor, our business has grown rapidly. We have developed several new color patterns and continue to expand our list of options. Bait shops across the state of Michigan have begun stocking our steelhead and tungsten panfish jigs while our online store has given us the opportunity to provide product to all anglers, regardless of location! We are so thankful, and look to grow in a manner that satisfies the desires of our customers in the coming years. Here at RBM Jigs, we pride ourselves in offering the best customer service that we possibly can. We encourage all of our customers to bring any issues or concerns to our attention so that we are able to improve. Our goal is to always offer the highest quality product at a competitive price. We are open to constructive criticism and new ideas, so please do not hesitate to contact us!
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