Rapala Shad Rap RS #5

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Rapala Shad Rap RS #5

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A plastic version of the legendary Shad Rap that rattles and suspends. A little heavier than balsa Shad Raps, the RS is easier to cast in windy conditions. Neutral buoyancy allows the RS to hover at pauses in retrieve. FEATURES: Rattlin' - Loud, rhythmic rattle for heightened awareness and fish attraction. Suspending - Neutral buoyancy design allows bait to suspend like baitfish in the water column. Unique Wobble - Plastic body creates a wobble that is slightly different than its famous wooden brother. Long Casting - Heavier than balsa, the Shad Rap RS is easier to cast using heavier baitcasting equipment and in windy conditions. VMC Hooks - Super sharp hooks with superior hook penetration. Hand-tuned and tank-tested - to assure perfect action right out of the box. Model: SRRS05. Weight: 5/16 oz. Body Length: 2". Treble Hooks: Two No. 5. Species: All Freshwater Game Species. Technique: Casting & Trolling. Running Depth: 5' - 15'.