Rapala Saltwater X-Rap #14

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Rapala Saltwater X-Rap #14

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The release of the original X-Rap was met with immediate acceptance. Anglers instantly recognized the brilliance behind the lure. The new lure for the 21st century was just a start. The challenge from the Rapala Pro Staff this time was instilling all the positive attributes of the original X-Rap - the same hard-cutting, aggressive darting action combined with textured translucent bodies, internal holographic foil and stainless steel wire construction - into new body shapes to provide new baits for use in both offshore, inshore and freshwater fisheries. Going above and beyond anyone's expectations, the Rapala design team is proud to offer the extended X-Rap family. This next generation of X-Raps is set to provide anglers with more X-Rap options to match their conditions, species and fishing style. Trolling fast and deep, casting inshore flats for tarpon or looking for a 50-incher, there's now an X-Rap just for you. And of course, they're all built to run straight and true right out of the box. The X-Rap 14 is the big brother to the original models with all the cosmetic features and the long-cast system for accurate, bullet-like casts. Perfect for all dominate freshwater species as well as stripers and in-shore tarpon. Model: SXR14, Body Length: 5-1/2", Weight: 1-1/2 oz., Treble Hooks: Two No. 2/0, Running Depth: 4' - 8', Species: Stripers, Tarpon, Blues, Kings, Peacock, Bass, Snook, Pike, Musky, Technique: Casting & Trolling.